How Chemtune Cleans a Dirty Diesel Fuel System
April 18, 2014 | Author: Daniel Vita
Today we run a demonstration on a high quality fuel injection cleaning product called Chemtune. The results were impressive to say the least.

One of our clients had a problem with the number 3 injector on their VW Golf 5 (2L BKD turbo diesel engine). After searching for replacement injectors and finding they were prohibitively expensive to buy and had to be shipped from Germany, we proposed an alternative solution. We started with a demonstration of our Chemtune fuel injection system cleaner. The VW Golf owner was sceptical at first, mainly because he felt the product was designed strictly for petrol engines. After going over some specifics, we showed that the product would work just as well on diesel injected systems as for petrol.

In fact, setting up the treatment with a diesel system was actually easier! This is because no AUS1000 tool is required for regulating the fuel pressure whilst servicing the car with Chemtune AUS3000. The only parts required were two hoses. The feed line can be constructed with a primer siphon pump and fuel filter, this traps all the gunk which Chemtune AUS3000 cleans out. A normal hose is used for the return line. Barbed hose fittings are necessary on one end of each hose.

To perform the cleaning routine, we require a mixture of 50% Chemtune AUS3000 to 50% diesel fuel. The mix is then poured into a clear bucket (tip: a clear bucket is better so you can observe the process in action). Next, we disconnect the diesel feed line and return line and connect corresponding hoses to those lines (note: remember the hose with the siphon/fuel filter should go to the feed line).

Once the mixture is primed into the line, you can start the vehicle and allow the formula to circulate through the fuel line system for around 30 minutes. As the process advances you will start to see carbon and wax deposits appearing at the bottom of the bucket (hence why we suggest a clear bucket). Tip: it's best to first warm your vehicle for at least 20 mins before you starting the process. This document explains the whole process in detail: common_rail_engine_instruction_sheet.pdf

After just 30 minutes, the results were apparent. A good helping of carbon and white wax, which forms in all diesel fuel systems, had been cleaned from the vehicle:
How Chemtune Cleans Dirty Diesel Fuel System

When we testing the treated fuel system, we found throttle response had improved and the injector had been cleaned of all its problems. Our VW Golf owner was greatly pleased as you can imagine.

The 'proof is in the pudding' as they say; it's clear this product works remarkably well. Not only does it thoroughly clean fuel lines, thus leaving the vehicle running markedly better, but it save on fuel costs due to improved efficiency.

Chemtune assists with other problems associated with the driveline. It's effective for cleaning heavy carbon deposits on EGR valves and diesel particulate filters, as well as throttle bodies, MAP sensors and idle air control valves (note: Chemtune is known to be oxygen sensor safe).

With the ever increasing number of diesel passenger vehicles on the road today and the high costs involved with mechanical problems, it just makes good sense to utilise a fuel system treatment product like Chemtune AUS300 every 6-12 months.
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